Nirmaan Scholarship and Mentorship Program – NSMP Scholarship

NSMP Scholarship

Nirmaan Organization is a non Govt and Non- Profit organisation committed to working for poverty-free, knowledge powered and economically empowered nation by focusing on providing education and livelihood opportunities for underprivileged people.

NSMP Scholarship

  • AREAS OF STUDY : Professional Course
  • LEVEL : UG Level
  • SCHOLARSHIP FUNDED BY : Nirmaan Organization , Telengana
  • PROVIDED TO : Economically underprivileged students

Nirmaan was founded on 12th February, 2005 by a group of BITS-Pilani University students with a passion for humanity and to fulfill our responsibility towards our less privileged brothers and sisters. Nirmaan projects include school adoption program, vidya help line, gyan bodh, nirmaan scholarship and mentorship program, self help groups, vocational training centres etc.

Nirmaan runs two scholarship programs, named NSMP, NSCP to support the needy students. NSMP targets the students after class 12th and NSCP is for children below class 12th.

Nirmaan Scholarship and Mentorship Program (NSMP) started in the year 2008, aims to provide monetary help and career guidance to the meritorious but financially constrained students to pursue their professional degrees. Nirmaan identifies the students on merit cum need basis for scholarships and provides financial assistance and mentorship to guide the students in the right direction to realize their dreams. Mentorship is done through workshops, career counseling sessions, and interaction with professionals in respective fields.

NSMP now providing scholarship to 71 students rose from 8 scholarships when the program started in the year 2008.

Salient Features of NSMP Scholarship

  1. Merit cum Need based scholarship
  2. 1 to 1 mentoring by corporate professionals
  3. Financial Assistance till completion of his/her graduation
  4. Regular updates of students’ progress to the donors Skill building workshops to the scholars
NSMP Scholarship Eligibility

a) Students who completed 12th standard and who intend to pursue professional degrees.
b) Students who are still pursuing graduation (2nd, 3rd, 4th year)

NSMP Scholarship Amount: 
10,000 INR per candidate for one year. If the academic performance is continually satisfactory, scholarship will be extended till the candidate completes his degree.

A mentor would be assigned to each Nirmaan scholar to guide the Nirmaan scholar throughout his/her graduation in education, career, and personal counseling.

NSMP Scholarship Objective- Help the mentee to have a well defined ambition & guide them to have a path to achieve their goals. Help the mentee develop confidence and a positive outlook on life through individual attention.

Kind of Mentorship – We will mentor the students in academics and also help them deal with personal & additional issues such as improving communication skills, Computer skills, gathering information about various opportunities.

Duration – As long as the mentee needs the mentor. Mentor can meet the mentee in the beginning of the program and keep constant updates once in a fortnight.

Target Mentees – 18 years to 21 years (Graduation Pursuing) students performing well in academics and awarded with scholarship under NSMP.

Setting and Achieving Goals : Ask the mentee if they have any career path in mind. (It could be anything from teacher, lawyer to IAS  officer). If the mentee does not have a career path in mind educate them about the various career options available and based on the academic performance/interests suggest a few career options to the mentee (Do not impose your beliefs on the mentee, let the mentee decide what he/she wants to do)

If a career path is decided, do research and educate the mentee on the (Nirmaan Vidya Help Line project can support us in this aspect)

NSMP Scholarship Contact Details

Nirmaan Organization
Flat No. 407, N.D.R Estates, Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032
Phone:088- 520 66401

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